Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stock Briefs

INSM: Insmed has been fairly quiet of late after a significant price increase from sixty cents to over two dollars. This week the company announced that long-time CEO Geoffrey Allan has resigned due to a health condition which was not revealed and Dr. Melvin Sharoky has assumed the role of chairman of the board. The change in leadership should mean little for the direction of the company, which is dependant upon the progression of IPLEX.

The stock price did not respond to the news of Dr. Allen's resignation, but imminent news regarding results from a Phase II trial which tested IPLEX's effectiveness in treating MMD could, if positive, significantly boost the stock.

Results are expected to be released by the end of this month.

AGEN: Shares of Antigenics fell below two dollars in Tuesday's trading, a level where I call the stock $2 is a gift for investors who are just now building a position. For those who have accumulated AGEN over the past year while it was trading below a dollar, I say HOLD.

The company is expecting a revenue stream later this year when it's kidney cancer vaccine, Oncophage, launches in Russia. Any update on European approval will also move the stock.

AGEN could very well turn into the next DNDN and I love the stock under two.

CVM: While the Cel Sci stock price has declined back to the fifty cent level after a spike to over a dollar, the company is intent on keeping itself in the news. A recent press release highlighted the company's process that could maintain the shelf life of stem cell drugs.

The real bread and butter for Cel Sci is Multikine, a head and neck cancer vaccine that is due to begin Phase III trials any time. However, the shelf-life extending manufacturing process and the company's LEAPS technology, although only in early phases of development, may offer additional value to the company, if successful.

CVM is bargain for under a dollar, in my opinion, and I'm still accumulating as long as it remains under that level.

CSUH.ob: Shares of Celsius Holdings closed the day Tuesday at nineteen cents, close to the stock's 52-week high of twenty cents. As the second quarter, which saw a new product launch and multiple new distribution deals signed, comes to an end the stock could set new highs as investors anticipate earnings significantly higher than the one million dollar mark which was nearly reached in quarter one.

A full quarter of GNC sales combined with a radio advertising campaign in the northeast could leave the twenty cents mark in the rear view mirror for this growing company.

If a major celebrity were to promote the world's first calorie burning beverage, sales of the drink, as well as the stock price, could take off.

MHAN.ob: Manhattan Pharmaceuticals is still trading on huge volume as investors load up on the stock in probable anticipation of Hedrin approval in the United States.

One million shares traded is significant for a stock that sometimes saw 3,000 shares traded per day over the last few months.

Possibly the next TTNP, MHAN has more than doubled in a little over a week but remains a good risk-reward play based on the potential Hedrin news.

My faith in the company does not have me holding onto the stock after the news is released, however, and I'm planning on selling my entire position after any potential spike.

NVD: Shares of NovaDel are still trading in the thirty cents range and, based on the company's potential with two approved drugs, I'm still buying. As with Epicept (EPCT), investors have been long awaiting partnership news and once (if) that news ever hits a spike to over a buck is probable.

C: Citi Group is worth mentioning because the stock's recent decline has it trading near three dollars again- my BUY price.

I've already added long calls this week during the decline.

This company is getting a bad rap lately as the White House continues to gain control over as much private industry as possible. Once Citi is out from under the government's thumb, I expect a rebound, but this may not happen quick.

A great long term pick right now, in my opinion, and if three dollars is breached, I'll continue buying.

Disclosure: VFC has positions in all of the above mentioned stocks.

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    May I know where do you get the infomation from Manhatten. I have gone their website and their latest updated info was in 2008. I googled it and still the latest news were in 2008.

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