Friday, June 12, 2009

The Truth About Adam Feuerstein


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  1. I do respect your self control in reviewing Adam Fuerstein. Many posters of the Message Board Land of Yahoo think he is the servent of the Hedge Fund devils that play the retail investors daily.

    Yes, he hides behind armor of being a Jouranlist. Their are rumors that he is being investigated by the SEC. It would be nice, if he was doing illegal, that make an example of him by prosecution.

    Wow, did the Hedge Funds, banks, or whomever do a giant bear raid on SIRI on Friday, June 26, 2009! Their audacity knows no limits! Wouldn't it be a good idea for the SEC to do something to reign in these bad guys?

  2. We all knew the day would come sooner or later but it seems the caves of the irresponsible "journalists" are finally imploding. It may be just the tip of the berg as defined in this link but its just a matter of time that the guilty who overlooked some details along the way will soon find their attention or lack of may be their demise. Case in point, Adam's Ocukus article of 6/22 reads, "according to a source familiar with the plans". Could this be a source among many who assist in illegal activity?..Possibly, but it's a starting point that may justify beginning a thorough investigation. Intentional and continuous “bashing” of specific stocks such as HEB leaves many to believe that there are ulterior motives of profiteering by indirect means either through close family or associates. As the SEC article points out..It’s going to only take one to bring down the house of cards. The SEC's charter should be to expose and prosecute these so called corrupt "journalists", funds, manipulators and even button pushing celebrities who attempt to cover up their own activity with petitions, articles and offerings of TRUST. I invite anyone who concurs with my post to cut and paste it to as many message and comment boards as possible as I know The Street will insist Yahoo banning my posts on this topic. Thank you for your time and I wish all honest investor well. (

  3. adam sucks my left testicle nightly.

  4. Poor analogy
    "....because of his failure to even remotely entertain an opposing view to his. He reminds me quite a bit of Keith Olbermann"

    Don't you mean
    "reminds me quite a bit of Bill O'reilly"

    Was grooving along with this post until I read the Olbermann analogy - it stopped me dead in my tracks - just didn't make sense.

  5. To anonymous that questioned my analogy:

    The reason why I used Olbermann as the anology is because Keith never entertains opposing viewpoints on his show, his guests and his guests' opinions are always in line with his own. Whenever he argues a point, it's always with himself so that there is no chance for an opposing viewpoint to poke holes in his story.

    O'Reilly, although often opinionated, invites opposing viewpoints onto his program.

    Hope that clears up the reasons why I used the Olbermann analogy.



  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I doubt the above poster is really Adam.

  8. Although I have heard he and Olbermann are dating.

  9. Good piece but you should have used Bill-O as an example of an over bloated Opinion Head....

  10. I guess that's why Keith got fired and demoted to Current TV.

  11. The absurdity of comparing Feuerstein to Olbermann detracts from your own credibility.
    If you wish to garner a following, common sense dictates you should have fewer syllogistic flaws within your criticisms than does Feuerstein.

    I'm not an Olbermann fan at all, but neither do I place any weight on the ideological allegiances embraced by the likes of O'Reilly, Beck, Hannity or Limbaugh. Their ramblings, ironically, are also as bought and paid for as Feuerstein's.

    1. way to be all wordy, nerd.

  12. Feuerstein is absolutely a tool of the short sellers in biotech. everything he writes comes from them

  13. Hes probably paid by big firms to write these articles

  14. I know this idiotic attack site is abandoned and dead but I just had to come back and laugh, HA HA, now that Spectrum collapsed exactly as Adam predicted. By the way, since you were whining about Hemispherx and Oculus as well, they have collapsed even more spectacularly. Paranoid jackasses, now a few dollars poorer.

  15. He got me on VNDA. And I knew better!

  16. Adam Feuerstein ‏@adamfeuerstein 27 Aug
    Al Manniacs are spinning the hostile react-o-meter outta control! They're only ones buying into last night's 8K FAQ spin job.
    Paul Allee ‏@pallee1 18h
    @adamfeuerstein I'm just curious, have you recently - or ever, for that matter - talked to Mannkind directly about your doubts?
    Expand Reply Delete Favorite More
    Adam Feuerstein ‏@adamfeuerstein 18h
    @pallee1 $MNKD CFO Matt Pfeffer used to respond to my emails, but not in a rather long time.
    biopeon ‏@biopeon 18h
    @adamfeuerstein @pallee1 Perhaps you haven't been relevant in a rather long time. $MNKD
    Paul Allee ‏@pallee1 17h
    @biopeon @adamfeuerstein The fact that he can still affect stock prices makes him sadly relevant, but as a source for factual info?

  17. Adam Feuerstein ‏@adamfeuerstein 20h
    The Al Mann-iacs Are In A Tizzy --> $MNKD
    Joseph Malone ‏@jm262x 19h
    @adamfeuerstein Why do you care so much what they think? Why not just write your opinion and move on?
    Details Reply Retweet Favorite More
    Adam Feuerstein ‏@adamfeuerstein 19h
    @jm262x I enjoy kicking the hornet's nest. it's a hobby. fun.

    Paul Allee
    @adamfeuerstein @jm262x Interesting that you spend more time kicking hornets nests than researching your subjects #massagingownego
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