Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Feuerstein's Comments on Antigenics (AGEN) are Weak at Best, Just Like His Credibility

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Adam Feuerstein's video message of why Antigenics (AGEN) stinks is another fine example of why the small investor should not trust the big boys to look out for them. Anyone paying a subscription to the sham of an organization known as "The" - shame on you. They have an agenda, and it has nothing to do with making you money.

They must have really missed the boat on Antigenics (AGEN) because not only did they send Adam Feuerstein to bash the stock, but they sent his message via video! Their determination to 'protect' the small investor is impressive, huh?

I'm actually quite surprised that Feuerstein put himself in the position that he has because this time, more than any before, he may have put a hole in his credibility that he won't be able to recover from.

I'd be very surprised if anyone takes this guy serious again after Wednesday's outburst.

The first major flaw in Adam's argument against Antigenics came when he 'advised' investors to be wary of calling Antigenics the next Dendreon because - I quote from his video - "I know Dendreon, and Antigenics isn't even close."

Let's get something straight - Feuerstein completely missed the boat on Dendreon. At no point, I repeat NO POINT, did Adam ever give Provenge, Dendreon or the company's stock a chance. He called it wrong the entire way. In fact, while bashing DNDN, he said many of the same things about Dendreon and Provenge that he is now saying about Antigenics and Oncophage.

Americans may have short memories, but VFC's Stock House does not. Feuerstein was dead wrong with Dendreon and I'm very surprised that he would have the audacity to imply otherwise. If anything, in retrospecting on his knowledge of Dendreon as an example of his record on cancer immunotherapies, he just made a stronger case of why we should invest in Antigenics.

Adam's 'point number one' was the fact that Oncophage doesn't work - after failing every late stage trial that tested it's efficacy.

Here's a fine example of how the big boys work- they'll mislead you without giving you all the facts. Oncophage and many other cancer immunotherapy treatments - including Provenge - were failing late stage trials until the end-mark became overall survivability. The ASCO conference this year was a huge stepping stone for cancer immunotherapies because the evidence presented proved that the longer patients receive the treatment, the better the vaccines work.

In the case of Antigenics, patients that received the vaccine earlier on in disease progression showed the most benefit. It's been widely argued that the earlier a patient receives a cancer vaccine, the more beneficial the treatment will be for the patient. So, while Feuerstein may say that Oncophage does not work, the treatment actaully helped make the case that the treatments need to be used earlier. I can only assume that Adam is not keeping up his biotech PRs, because there's been plenty since the ASCO conference releasing information that the vaccines work.

Adam's point number two was that Oncophage in Russia will not sell. At this point that is an opinion, but he does his best to portray it as a fact - at least as much as he could while stumbling and stuttering over the words that were scrolling across his TelePrompter.

If the fact that Oncophage won't sell in Russia is his big argument, I'll say duly noted, Adam, but so far your credibility with cancer vaccines has no standing.

Next he notes that Oncophage has a "minuscule" chance of getting approval there; another personal opinion that is not backed up with facts or data as to why he holds that opinion. When dealing with opinions, a person's credibility is what gives weight to the words, and if that is the case, his words are as light as a feather.

His last point was backed up by his nice crayon-caliber chart showing the decline in Antigenics' stock price. That was his only - ONLY - piece of evidence to back up his claim that 'smart money' is not buying the stock.

The man must assume that everyone is an idiot because at no other point in the companies history were they ready to launch a cancer vaccine into the market anywhere. At no other time in the company's history was Oncophage submitted for approval with the EMEA and at no other time in the company's history was Oncophage showing excellent long term survivability results, so of course the stock price is going to rise now.

And for Adam's GLARING OMISSION - he said nothing about QS-21. Nothing. You can't do justice to the company or it's stock without mentioning QS-21. Period.

But his point was not to inform you about the company, it was to get you to sell your shares because he - and whoever he is really 'working' for, has completely missed the boat up until this point and they want what you - the current shareholders of the company - already have.

Wednesday morning was another perfect example of why you can't trust the big boys to look out for you.

Adam Feuerstein's manipulative, non-informational and script-read stuttering piece about Antigenics was, in my opinion, a demonstration of how low the standards of public media have become; and it did wonders to expose the true motivations of the - to try and keep the small investor stupid and uninformed.

In my opinion, the guys that Adam really works for were short AGEN - probably based on his recommendation - and now they're sending him out in an attempt to manipulate the stock down so that they can cover because they now see that they got it wrong.

He did look a little rattled on Wednesday morning, like he hadn't gotten much sleep. Probably because he realizes that he got AGEN dead wrong - just like DNDN.

Disclosure: VFC is long AGEN.


  1. Sweet'
    good read..

  2. He has never been correct ever since I have seen him on TV, ETC. What a joke!

  3. God bless you, VFC!
    The only source standing we can trust.

  4. Excellent analysis of Adam Fraud stein! I wish you could get this posted on Yahoo like he is able to.


  5. He was also dead wrong on HGSI!

  6. Tell your wife, I'm proud of you!

  7. Good read.. as always!


  8. Just something to add to the mix.

  9. Feuerstein was wrong on DNDN most of the time, but he's right about Oncophage so far. It's failed to show evidence of efficacy in the intent to treat group in every Phase III. Provenge was stat sig on survival both in its initial Phase III trial and again in the just completed Phase III.

  10. How can this moron Feuerstein keep making analitic research based on what.Where is his degree,what are his qualifications.You may as well give a monkey a hand full of darts and throw them at a wall full of Bio Stocks all being negative, that way you cant miss. I remember the call on DNDN and the recomendation short the stock and I certainly remember HGSI anyone who reads this garbage is a fool. do your own research.

  11. I assume when he does a video message, he does not have to disclose his position. I would guess Adam or his managers is very short on AGEN, hence his message was posted 4 times on Yahoo AGEN news. That is what is hurting the stock.

  12. In my opinion they are trying to accumulate around $2 or less. Yes, they have missed the boat, but they knew that sooner or later there was a reversal in the stock market.
    Sowing fear, shaking weak hands, means manipulation.

  13. if you have a postion, you will easily believe the comments positive to the stock, and easily hate the person who has comments negative to your position.

  14. Who lent them the money on the August private loans? Is that information available?


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