Tuesday, September 15, 2009

VFC's Thoughts for the Day - Exercise Patience

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  1. Hey Vinny,

    As always you hit it right onthe head. Patience is the only way to invest. Leave Emotion and Feelings at the door. Patience is everything in investing. Thanks for your advice. Daniel

  2. Another pearl of wisdom VFC. Couldn't agree more. My portfolio is already up about 37% since March, but I'm not even close to thinking about selling. From the outset my plan was with an eye towards 2010 or even 11, 12. I'm actually upside down w/ AGEN, up and down w/ TTNP and stagnant w/ a few others. However when I see what CVM is doing and the potential of BIEL and MHAN, I'm reaffirmed in my hold strategy. Good stuff and keep up the good work.

    I'll be moving this weekend and won't be checking in much myself so have a good weekend everyone.

  3. Hey Vinny,

    Wanted to get your take on IVVIE.OB. Iam not big on their financial situation, they have been recently d-listed. There has been some insider purchases. Insiders hold 52% of shares with only 11.24 outstanding, there is 4.5 million in float, there are some institutions involved. There was heavy purchasing in March 2009. What is your take? I would like to get in at .02-.04pps, but I dont think this IVVIE will be around much longer, I think it is a great spec play. Thanks Daniel

  4. Hi VFC,

    Kerx today and CVM and ONTY yesterday (and hopefully both again today), it is amazing!

    I owe you at least a beer! (-:




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