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Ten Under-Ten Cent Stocks for 2010; MHAN, LLBO, MCLN, MCET, BIEL, CDOI, ACTC, CBAI, SPNG, GCKO

Here's a list of ten stocks that I'm either looking at or have in the 'night on the town' portion of my portfolio heading into the trading days of 2010.

Some I've already mentioned in VFC's Ten for 2010, Parts I and II.

Also keep in mind that I consider most penny stocks as merely an investment with 'night on the town' money. Huge percentage gains could be had quickly with these stocks, but that means that huge losses could also be had.

I don't recommend using 'real' investing money here, just the partying money. And you've got to have a strong stomach and a high tolerance for risk to play with the pennies.

Dolan’s Money Revolutions

MHAN.ob: If Manhattan Pharmaceuticals can bring Hedrin to market in 2010, then shareholders of the MHAN stock could be looking at a potential five bagger, if not more.

Previously I had considered Hedrin approval enough to launch the share price to over a dollar almost immediately, but I've since tempered my expectations somewhat and am taking a 'wait and see' approach after news of a required US trial for Hedrin hit and the variable of the Ariston merger came into play.

MHAN should inch upwards in anticipation of Hedrin news, in my opinion.

Disclosure: VFC is long MHAN.

Ab Circle Pro Lifeline Biotechnologies, Inc. has created a radiation-free process called the 'First Warning System' that detects breast cancer in the early stages.

The company is currently awaiting a response from the FDA regarding whether or not the current data and testing information is sufficient for the filing of a 501k for approval as a medical device. If the FDA is satisfied with the current information, Lifeline is prepared to immediately file a 501k.

Since an FDA response is considered somewhat imminent (the company filed in July, 2009), it's conceivable that the 'First Warning System' could be approved sometime in 2010.

That being said, it's also possible that the FDA will ask for more testing.

The amount of authorized and outstanding shares is a concern with an investment in LLBO, but the market cap leaves room for the stock to move up on the right news.

With early breast cancer detection and radiation threats gaining quite a few news headlines over the past few months, the time may be ripe for Lifeline and its radiation-free system to make a move.

Disclosure: VFC is long LLBO.

New York Life Insurance

MCLN.ob: Also made the Ten Stocks for 2010 list.

Revenues are growing, profitability is growing and the 'clean medical disposal' arena is growing.

A nice mid to long term pick, in my opinion.

The nearly half-a-billion shares outstanding weigh down some of the upwards potential of the stock, although huge percentage gains could be there for the having in 2010 and beyond.

Disclosure: VFC is long MCLN.

California Institute of Art and Technology

MCET.ob: Multicell Technologies is a longer-term pick with a pipeline in the relatively early stages of development. The most advanced product, a treatment for fatigue in MS patients, has a completed Phase II trial under its belt while other products are in the very early stages of development.

It may take a while for this stock to move significantly, but a potential double or so in short time on the right news release is always a possibility if attention is drawn to the stock.

That being said, a decline in price is also a possibility; as I said earlier, you need a strong stomach to play with stocks trading for at or near a penny.

Multicell has enough pipeline potential, partners and patents to keep me interested in buying while the stock trades for these prices.

Disclosure: VFC is long MCET.

Globe Life Insurance BioElectronics is discussed often here, but any under-ten-cent list would be incomplete without it, in my opinion.

2010 should be the year that the BioElectronics products start producing some revenue as the company emerges from a developmental stage company to one of growth.

Early 2010 news from the FDA could be the boost that sends BIEL on a quick triple from its current trading price of near four cents.

Disclosure: VFC is long BIEL.

Everbank MMA 160 x 160 If there is any legitimacy behind Cardio Infrared Technologies, then the stock is sure to rebound from the .002 level where it closed out 2009.

The big question is legitimacy, however.

According to previous press releases, the Cardio Cor bikes produced by the company were to be on display at an Anti-Aging show in Vegas in early December, but no follow-on release was noted. An Internet search turned up results that the show was canceled, while another made it seem as if one did take place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino.

The next piece of news due would be Phase II results - and if the company is legit, then those results should be released soon.

The Cardio Cor bikes are said to use infrared technology to increase weight-loss benefits of exercise.

The CDOI stock completely collapsed in 2009, meaning the late-year selloff could have been tax-selling, but it could also mean just about everyone has lost faith in the company.

For the current prices I'm willing to throw a little 'night on the town' money at CDOI.

If Phase II results are in fact released and new orders for the bikes come in, a move back towards a penny is possible.

Disclosure: VFC is long CDOI. - Owl 125x125

ACTC.ob: Advanced Cell Tech is another long term stem cell pick with potential.

The company's pipeline is still in the early stages of development, but the share price could increase as that pipeline develops.

Originally I bought into ACTC on the potential of the MyoBlast treatment for heart disease, but the the company has since filed an IND with the FDA to conduct a human clinical trial that uses stem cells for the treatment of eye diseases.

The products are quite a ways away from market, but ACTC is a nice long term stem cell pick, in my opinion.

The risk is worth the possible long term rewards with ACTC, in my opinion.

Disclosure: VFC is long ACTC.

Top Hotel Deals Updated Weekly (125x125)

CBAI.ob: Cord Blood America was also discussed in VFC's Ten for 2010, Part I.

The expected January 22nd grand-opening date of the Vegas cord blood storage facility has brought much hype and attention to the company and its stock and that has led to significant price increases of late.

I'm still not convinced that the public is going to grasp the idea of cord-blood stem cell storage just yet, and the number of shares outstanding is of some concern, but I do believe that CBAI will return at least a double for shareholders at some point in 2010 based on news and possible contract developments.

Cord Blood America could be going places or it could peter out as a company with an idea that the public is not quite ready for yet, but for these prices - especially if we see another dip to below a penny - I think the risk is worth the possible rewards with some 'night on the town' money.

Diclosure: VFC is long CBAI.

Select-A-Ticket The story is still developing with SpongeTech, as the SEC issued a written Wells notice on December 28th to the company's CEO, CFO and COO.

The Wells notice announced that the SEC intends to "file civil injunctive actions against them alleging violations of federal securities laws."

According to the 8k filed on New Year's Eve, the notice will not have any effect on the ongoings of the company - meaning that production, marketing and sales will continue as normal.

I'm still following and holding and I'll be watching the market reaction to this news that may have come as a surprise to some, but my inclination is to believe that this was an expected occurrence.

Disclosure: VFC is long SPNG.

livePCsupport Also mentioned in the Ten for 2010 Honorable Mention List.

If you're one that believes that there is a place for robots in the future, then GeckoSystems - the maker of home health-care robots - could be an exciting investment for the future.

The company has recently announced that it will be the first to mass produce the home healthcare robot, but it may take some additional financing to complete that task.

I see GCKO as at least a double for 2010 if the public becomes aware - and believes in - the potential of the robot idea that is still seen by many as only fit for movies.

For more on GeckoSystems, BioMedReports has quite a few write-ups on the company.

Disclosure: VFC is long GCKO. (Pearson Education)


  1. SPNG broke a long-term channel today, which was eye-opening. This channel existed since Oct. 21st, a long time for a stock to be held between .04-.05; clearly there is something going on behind the scenes.

    The volume spiked up today, but no where near what one would expect considering the recent news, and ongoing reticence of the management.

    It is clear through filings that some big players are holding massive chunks. It is also clear that a naked short position exists on the stock. This is war, hedge fund style. (see GGQPQ for and example) It looks like SPNG will not escape unscathed, but shareholders could see a very rare squeeze at some point in 2010.


  2. I see AGEN received a de-listing notice from the Nasdaq. I wonder what the future holds for this company? I'm only in for a grand or so, but bought in at a 2.50 average unfortunately. Was hoping for big things from them, but now I guess I'm in for the long haul to see what happens.

    I won't say I'm not frustrated w/ the continued slide of BIEL, but I'm remaining steadfast in my belief they will do big things in 2010. In fact I'll be adding more in the .04 cent range as soon as the funds post. I wish this thing would hurry up and get FDA approval already though.

    I'm holding strong w/ MSBT, MHAN and CVM as well. If any one of them can reach a buck or more, I'll (we'll) be all set. I'm also still holding long and strong on SIRI. I just can't help but believe as soon as the recession is fully over, American's will start paying for luxury subscription services again. I could see this thing at 3 bucks or more w/in a couple years, and maybe get back to the 8 dollar highs of a few years ago. That would be sweet.

    Hope all had wonderful holidays, and may the new year bring success and happiness to each of us.

  3. Hey VCF happy new year and all the best! what do you think about BMGP, it seems we have an undiscovered multibagger here. with their detection system licenced from the US gov, clinical trials about to start in china and india,and the full audit and move to OTCbb we have a long string of news happening there

  4. SPNG has been trading in the 3c and 4c range recenlyt. I placed a limit order at 3.5c through zecco, but it's never been filled. Anyone has the same experince and knows why?

  5. Speaking of stocks under one dollar. I bought shares in vonage holdings corporation for 37 cents and recently sold them for 5 dollars

  6. I would like to commet about stocks under 1 dollar. Their are stocks under 1 dollar that are worth buying but to find these stocks it takes lots of time and research.

  7. I would like to comment about a stock that recently had a reverse stock split. The company first aviation services traded around 35 cents before the split now the stock trades around 8 dollars. I was wondering if a reverse stock split can be a sign that the stock is of better quality.


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