Sunday, April 11, 2010

CELH: Celsius to be Available in Selected Walmart Locations

VFC is tan, rested and ready after some time off, so let's start taking a look at some significant events that I might have missed during the past couple of weeks:

Of significance for Celsius Holdings, the company announced via an 8-K on 9 April that Walmart had placed a purchase order for the calorie burning Celsius beverage.

According to the 8-K, Celsius will ship the order during the month of April and the product would be available on the shelves of 750 Walmart locations at some point in May.

CEO Steve Haley mentioned in a recent conference call that Celsius was making a move into Sam's Club, a division of Walmart, and this 8-K also confirms a fairly significant move into the Walmart main stores.

The company continues to demonstrate the distribution growth promised last year, and as the current trends shift away from unhealthy, sugar-laden beverages, Celsius is quickly becoming a readily-available commodity for those looking to improve and enhance on their physical fitness.

Also of note, CEO Steve Haley celebrated the company's recent NASDAQ listing by presiding over the Opening Bell ringing ceremony on April 7th. During the ceremony, Haley also outlined the company's current market status and objectives for 2010, including details about the upcoming 'Ultimate Workout Challenge' campaign. The campaign will be 'coached' by celebrity spokesman Mario Lopez and marks the Celsius product as 'Your Ultimate Fitness Partner.'

As a result of these recent events, shares of CELH closed last week at nearly four dollars, after having dipped below the three dollar mark just weeks ago.

It's an exciting time for Celsius Holdings, and long term shareholders of the company continue to look towards the significant future potential of the product as the consumer looks for healthier alternatives to what is currently available.

The recent health care debates have brought to light the fact that America's obesity problem has become quite a burden on the system, and it's time for the Country as a whole to do something about that and trend towards healthier lifestyles.

Celsius is primed to take advantage of that sentiment.

Disclosure: Long CELH.

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