Sunday, October 24, 2010

MHTX: Nanotitanium and Dental Implants Have Manhattan Scientifics Back in the Spotlight

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Shares of Manhattan Scientifics made a run to ten cents back in April when the company announced that its early cancer detection technology could detect breast cancer up to three months earlier than a mammogram.  As is usual for this company's trading pattern, the run was followed by a period of retracement, although some recent developments could put MHTX shareholders on the straight path the prosperity. 

The early-detection technology that led to the last price spike is just one of many technologies held by by this company that give it a fine chance at a bright future.  . 

Also in the 'pipeline', Manhattan holds patents for various fuel cell technologies and a 'touch and feel' application for computer technology - allowing users to realistically 'feel' any object that may appear on the computer screen.

However, it's the nanotitanium and 'super metal' technology that looks to hold the most short term potential, and recent developments are an indication of just how much long term growth potential this technology holds as well.

Two recent press releases have highlighted this nano-metal technology and its use in prosthetics and dental implants.  The implants are stronger and said to graft to human bone much easier than other metals, and are already approved by the US FDA.  A deal was reached with NanoMet of Russia to mass distribute the dental implants in Russia, a potentially lucrative agreement for Manhattan. The implants distributed in Russia will be manufactured by Albuquerque-based Basic Dental Inc., also Manhattan's manufacturer for US distribution.

As lucrative as the dental implant market may be, this is just a start. 

Manhattan received a one million dollar payment from Carpenter Technology Corporation due to the terms of a licensing agreement that has Carpenter developing super lightweight metals using the same technology.  This technology has potentially huge applications in the commercial production of aircraft and vehicles of the future, and that's without even speculating on the potential military applications.

The technology held by Manhattan is real, and it looks like the hoarding of patents is starting to pay off.  The nano-metal and nano-titanium technology is putting this company on the map.  If the dental implants are such a success for their ability to graft with bone so well, it's only a matter of time before other prosthetics using this technology will start rolling onto market.

Manhattan is now cash flow positive and could just be gearing up, although I'm not convinced that we won't see anothere pullback after this most recent run.

Long term, I think we have a real winner here, but I'd have to guess that these patents will eventually be purchased by a big player; maybe even Carpenter would find it worth the while to buy them up.

Definitely stay tuned to developments with MHTX.

Disclosure: Long MHTX. 


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  1. I always thought that nanotechnology is the future of medical care. Just imagine, millions of nanotechnology machines can get inside the body and destroy all the harmful bacteria and viruses. While that would not happen until the foreseeable future, it's great to hear scientists today exploring the potential of nanotechnology.


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