Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Readers Respond: My Generex 'Yes' Vote

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From an anonymous reader:

Enough with the Yes vote. You're laying it on thicker than anyone I've seen. The fact of the matter is we don't need a reverse. All that needs to happen is the company needs to publish the news of the Ora-lyn trial and the price will go up to a dollar. They need to get the trial done. Plain and simple. That way nobody has to suffer.

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VFC's Take:   First of all, if VFC's Stock House is laying it on thicker than anyone you've seen, then I don't think that you've done too much poking around in cyber space and getting a look at the GNBT-related articles and message boards, let alone reading the company's own press releases where company officials are laying it on pretty thick these days.

I do agree, however, that if the company releases the Oral-lyn data - and it's positive - then GNBT will have no problems reaching impressive heights, whether the stock trades on the pinks, bulletins or the Nasdaq. 

The obsessive nature being demonstrated by the Board at Generex has me highly suspicious of the true motives behind the reverse split.  Whether management stands to beneift financially or whether there is something else going on, I no longer believe that this move is based solely on "attracting top talent." 

There's more to this than meets the eye, and our true enemy has not yet revealed himself.

So, I think the "laying it on" quotation from this anonymous reader is way off base, but he or she makes a good point that GNBT's fate will ultimately lie in the hands of the Oral-lyn trial results.

Stay tuned.

Disclosure:  Long GNBT.

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  1. News is out on GNBT; reverse split did NOT go through, Company appealing (and probably taking a hit of Ba-Boom!). Stock tanked in after hours. It now needs to go to $4 for 90 days to get relisted. I sure hope it passes Phase III for both diabetics and shareholders.


  2. How long do you think it will take Generex to recover? Is this now dead money pending an announcement on Oral-lyn? Why do you think this will ultimately be big if it passes testing? Aren't most diabetics used to shots even though they certainly are not pleasant? Lotto play or shrewd mid to long term play? If nothing else, it gives entertainment!


  3. Where do we go from here with Generex?


  4. Hi Vinny,
    Why was there such a backlash against Generex Biotechnology's management? Would those who voted 'no' rather the company get involved in another nasty financing as in 2008, causing even more dillution then was feared with this proposal? I think many 'scareholders' shot themselves in the foot. I wonder how many of them are flippers vs. true investors. I think management had good intentions despite what was said on various boards. As Kaelyn said, "Where do we go from here with Generex?".




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