Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Prolor Biotech: Pending Catalysts And A High Profile Investor Are Setups For Success

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Sunday, December 4, 2011


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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Potential Buyout Candidates: SIRI, HGSI, DNDN, CCLR, CPST, LPTN, TTNP, ACTC, SIGA, CELH

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Take A Look At These Companies Being Monitored As Potential Buyout Candidates

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Geron's News Shocker Sets InVivo Up For Prime Time

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Milestone Events And A High Profile Partnership Put Lpath (LPTN) On The Path To Success

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Geron, InVivo And The Miami Project: The Race To Cure Paralysis

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stock Watch Update: HGSI

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Stock Watch Tuesday: HGSI

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ampio's Rebound Supported By Milestone Events

Things might be heating up for Ampio Pharmaceuticals (AMPE) as key developments have led to a share price recovery following a brief dip back into five dollar territory last month.  The drop was not supported by any developments on the news front, but could have been attributed to some lingering short interest and a slump in the biotech/pharmaceutical sector as a whole following dismal news from the likes of Dendreon (DNDN), Ilumina (ILMN) and Human Genome Sciences (HGSI) over the past few months. 

The AMPE rebound, on the other hand, goes hand in hand with the progress of the company's pipeline.

As previously discussed, Ampio has been making headway in bringing Zertane to market around the globe for the treatment of sexual dysfunction.  Following positive Phase III trial results which were published in Europe this summer, Ampio secured a partnership and licensing deal with Daewoong Pharmaceuticals, which puts the commercialization plan in motion as the rest of the pipeline develops.

Next up is lead product Ampion, for which a late stage trial in Australia measuring its effect in osteoarthritis (OA) in the knee has been underway.  An announcement last week revealed that the treatment phase Ampion-in-Knee (AIK) trial has been completed and that data is going to be compiled and released in the "coming weeks."

The trial was composed of sixty patients diagnosed with moderately-severe to severe osteoarthritis of the knee and any success here could ignite a series of events that catapults Ampion straight into the heart of an $80 billion anti-inflammatory and autoimmune disease market.  Alternatives to common anti-inflammatories are being searched for in the medical community due to concerns of side effects, and an Ampion thrust into that market could come relatively quickly given its status as a biologic - a molecule already produced by the human body (as albumin) and an already-established safety profile.

These results mark another key development for Ampio this year, and the coming weeks could see additional interest drawn to the company stock given the Ampion news.

Additionally, Ampio also announced last week that information and data from Ampion development is set to be presented at San Fransisco's American Association of Orthopedic Surgery (AAOS) meeting this coming February.   Included in the presentation will be a publication describing "a study of 22 patients undergoing surgical removal of orthopedic devices in which all the extracted biofilms were found to contain various levels of the low molecular weight diketopiperazine- Ampion™ (composed of the cyclic dipeptide of aspartate and alanine)."

The pipeline of potential products doesn't not stop with the above-mentioned candidates, however.  Results could come by the end of the year for an Optina trial,as well, which is taking place in Canada.  Optina, another of Ampio's products based on the strategy of taking already-approved drugs and using them to treat new indications, is being tested as an oral drug for the treatment of diabetic macular edema (DME) and diabetic retinopathy.

Optina has been repositioned from Danazol, which has already been commercially available for years, giving it an already-established safety profile. Those facts could greatly reduce its time-to-market potential.

In addition to the repositioned products in the pipeline, Ampio has a pipeline of ORP diagnostic technology being developed. Should the ORP pipeline reach the approval stages and infiltrate the routine and critical care markets, the standard of how a patient's vital signs are measured could be shifted. Rather than using the routine standards of today's methods of checking for vital signs, Ampio's ORP diagnostic device measures total oxidative stress, which may prove more beneficial and thorough for patients being seen for indications such as heart attack and stroke.  Abnormal ORP results are closely associated with poor outcomes in critically ill patients, which offers a wide scope of potential applications should this device receive regulatory approval.  Clinical studies for the ORP device are ongoing, and well worth watching for updates.

Ampio opened the month on a downtrend, but the brief dip into the fives was quickly reversed, and the developing stories surrounding Ampion and Zertane provide the ammunition to support growing interest to this company.

All products in the Ampio pipeline are being positioned to enter very lucrative markets, so this is a company whose stock has been on the rise that still could have more to come.
Disclosure:  Long AMPE.


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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Siga Seeks Another Lawsuit Look

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Market May Be Dropping, But The Potential Of Advanced Cell Tech (ACTC) Is Not

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The TipTrades.com Challenge - Win A Free Upgraded Account

The founders of a recently launched service that delivers insider trade information daily are willing to offer an indefinite free upgraded account (allows you to follow 10 ticker symbols) to one reader of VFC's Stock House, a value of $120/year.

TipTrades.com compiles information on a daily basis of insider buys and sells of the stocks of your choice and condenses the information down to the size of a text message to keep subscribers informed while freeing up time that would otherwise be spent researching this information.

For more information, visit the TipTrades.com website.

The Challenge:

Here's how the challenge will work, to find the winner of the free upgraded account. 

Readers will pick the Friday, August 19th closing price of five popularly-covered stocks from VFC's Stock House coverge and post the predictions in the comments field below.  Because a tie-breaker might be needed, anyone wanting to participate will email VFC's Stock House vfc@vfcsstockhouse.com with a stock pick of their own, and the August 29th closing price of their pick.  Please add 'TipTrade Challenge' to the subject line when emailing in the individual stock pick.  The emailed pick will be held private until the end of the challenge, and will only be used in the case of a tie-breaker.  Just be sure to match up the name in the email with the name in the corresponding post in the comments section.

All submissions must be in by the close of trading on Friday, August 12th to allow for a full trading week of fun and games before the winner is announced.

The five stocks, and remember, we're picking the August 19th closing price:


Don't forget to email vfc@vfcsstockhouse.com with your own private pick.

Good luck!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Oncothyreon: Is The Continued Run Setting A Trend Or The Result Of Increased Exposure?

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Want Proof That The FDA Doesn't Like The Little Guys? Take A Look At BioDelivery Sciences

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Wall Street by Zecco- Place trades from Facebook

CTSO: Interesting Late Day Action Friday

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Wall Street by Zecco- Place trades from Facebook

Titan: Still On The Watch List

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free Real-time Stock quotes

Generex's New Dividend Announcement, Last Ditch Attempt To Buy A Few More Votes?

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CytRx (CYTR) Bubbling With Potential: A Strong Pipeline and Non-Dilutive Financing Bodes Well For Future Value

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Generex Announces Licensing Agreement

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What's Your Credit Score?

Epicept Announces Financing

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Free Stock Quote

Multicell Breaks Through Two Cents

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Avanir - Still Holds Long Term Potential, But Keep An Eye On Short Term Risks

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stocks to Watch: CPST, CTSO, GNBT, DDSS

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Voting For The Generex Reverse Split: Yes, No, Or Is There Another Option?

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optionsXpress - Workshops and Seminars

ACTC Could Be A Game Changer Over The Long Run

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BIEL Announces Unaudited Reports

BIEL:  In another 'Investor Update' on the company's home page, BioElectronics announced that the 2010 fourth quarter and 2011 first quarter unaudited financial results were out and posted to the OTC Markets page. 

Sales for the first quarter were $375,436, according to the unaudited filing, up fairly significantly from the $281,767 from the same quarter during the previous year.

While sales were up, they weren't up enough to demonstrate to BIEL investors that the company is poised to survive based on international sales growth alone.  Expenses and losses are still there, and it's going to take a significant growth in sales to offset those facts.

Given that BIEL's 'Investor Update' was pushed back to Monday to allow time for Arnon Horev, the VP of Sales & Marketing, to return from his presentation at the European Medical Device Distributors Alliance (EMDDA) meeting in St. Petersburg, there was nothing noteworthy enough released that would justify any built-up suspense that waiting over the weekend would have caused.

BIEL is suffering from 'little guy' syndrome right now.

Not only has the FDA given the company the cold shoulder for well over a year now, but the auditors don't seem to be in too much of a hurry to help these guys out.  Such is the life of a small player in the big leagues.

That said, if - and with each and every day the big "if" is growing - the FDA does ultimately approve the BioElectronics products as 'Class II' medical devices, then the over-the-counter clearance in the United States could be what saves the company and propels it to the next level.

In the meantime, investors are treading water and keeping an eye on international sales, which could provide the means to keep the company afloat for a while, assuming that the growth continues.

Also keep an eye out for some hype.  Once again a true sub-penny stock, there's always the potential for signfiicant gains to be realized if the stock gets hyped enough.

That said, there's a lot of shares out there and there's a perceived lack of interest from the FDA at bringing these products to market.

Disclosure:  Long BIEL.

Siga's Contract Award Marred By Another Protest

Keep an eye on Siga Technologies this week. The company announced after the closing bell on Friday that it had signed a much-anticipated agreement with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) of the United States Department of Health and Human Services to deliver an initial two million doses of the antiviral smallpox vaccine ST-246 to the nation's stockpile of biodefenses.

The awarding of this contract is the culmination of over a year of controversy for Siga, as the road to the award has been marred by a rollercoaster ride of events, including seeing Siga land the contract once before, only to have it derailed by protests filed by a competitor.

Since that time, BARDA took measures to alleviate any perception of unfairness in the contract-awarding process, even going so far as to investigate the status of Siga as a "small business" -- but the same competitor, Chimerix, Inc., came out of the woodwork this weekend and again filed a protest with the Government Accountability Office over Siga's receiving the contract.

According to a press release issued on Sunday by Siga, BARDA plans to defend its decision of the contract award, but all progress will be halted while the government reviews the case. The review could last up to 100 days.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Briefs: CVM Commences Trial In Poland, SIGA Receives Contract Award and Then A Quick Protest, MedClean Partners With Covidien?

Also see VFC's News, Notes & Weekly Stock Watch.

CVM:  Cel-Sci issued a PR on Friday announcing that the Phase III Multikine trial has commenced in Poland, the first site in the European Union to open.  The trial also arrived in the New York Tri-State area last week, and it's expected that close to 900 patients from around the globe will ultimately be enrolled.

SIGA:  Siga announced this past Friday that it had (again) been awarded the much anticipated contract with BARDA to stock the national reserves with a small pox vaccine.  The initial phase of the contract is worth nearly half a billion dollars to Siga, with the potential for the contract to be worth $2.8 billion over its life.

Just as quickly as the contract was announced, however, the ever-menacing Chimerix filed a protest which will delay proceedings until the proper authorities have the time to review the case.

This game has been played before, and BARDA went back to the drawing board to ensure fairness in the award, so it's highly likely that the situation will still play out in Siga's favor.

SIGA shares were up by nearly two bucks in the after-hours on Friday, but the re-invigorated uncertainty surrounding the award thanks to Chimerix may create some volatility.

MCLN:  MedClean announced last week that it had established a relationship with Covidien to promote its products.

"This relationship is our largest co-promotion arrangement to date, broadening the exposure of our products and connecting MedClean with nearly every hospital in the country," commented David Laky, MedClean's President and CEO in a press release issued Friday morning.

Increased promotion could evolve into increased sales numbers, which still makes MCLN an appetizing long term, speculative pick, but for the time being, the best option may be to continue viewing MedClean as a 'trading play'.