Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekly Stock Watch: Titan Due For News; MedClean Still Moving; Clinical Data Climbs Higher; Cytosorbents;

TTNP:  It's been a volatile month for shares of Titan Pharmaceuticals, as a rise to $1.75 has been followed by a dip to back below $1.50, but the company is due for a press release, and one may come this week as investors await Titan's take on the expected royalty share for fourth quarter sales of Vanda's schizophrenia drug, Fanapt, which is being marketed by Novartis.

Novartis also made headlines last week when the company's CEO Joe Jimenez not-so-subtly hinted that there may be some acquisitions in the works; acquisitions that he labeled as "bolt-on", meaning for about a billion dollars or less.

Titan, with an already established link to Novartis through Fanapt, certainly fits that "bolt-on" description and has already been identified as a probably acquisition target by biotech speculators who have also been following the Probuphine story

TTNP could be a newsworthy stock throughout 2011, and the news just might start flowing this week - keep an eye on it.

Disclosure:  Long TTNP.

MCLN:  Last weekend it was MCET that we were watching as a penny stock on the run, and MultiCell ran for a couple of days into the new trading week before pulling back when news failed to materialize.  This week MedClean is a penny play worth watching after another big day on Friday saw MCLN close another thirty percent to the upside with still no news being announced. 

MedClean's green technology for disposing of medical waste could also be looked at for long term potential as well as short term trading, but those invested for the long term are counting on a turnaround with the latest run.  That said, the amount of time this one spent in the .002 range has given long shareholders the opportunity to pick up some shares that have already more than doubled.

It's quite possible that this run may peter out as MCET's did, so I'm always a fan of taking profits during a significant run, but Friday's close has investors and traders alike awaiting the bell on Monday morning to get a feel for what could be coming next.

Stay tuned...

Disclosure:  Long MCLN.

CLDA:  Clinical Data continued to climb late last week, closing another couple of percentage points higher, just a week after the FDA approved its antidepressant drug Vilibyrd.

Many analysts expect big numbers from Vilibyrd and its favorable side-effect profile, but its talk and speculation of a buyout that is keeping this one on the front burner for the time being. 

As shares approach the thirty dollar level, it's worth keeping CLDA on the watch list, as I wouldn't rule out a pullback if no acquisition news is announced.

Congrats to the longs who were able to sell into last week's run, however.

Disclosure:  No Position.

CTSO:  Last week saw shares of Cytosorbents push through the seventeen cent barrier before falling back a little, but as time edges on to the expectation of a data release from the European sepsis trial, CTSO could approach the current 52-week high of thirty cents. 

The last update from the company regarding enrollment had the number at 90, leaving many to speculate that full enrollment would be announced within the first couple of months of 2011.

With no effective treatment for severe sepsis currently on the market, Cytosorbents could land a gold mine if CytoSorb works in treating the indication, and that would also mean that CTSO could experience a monumental run.  On the flip side, there's no reason that this stock wouldn't drop to a couple of pennies should the trial results be announced as unsuccessful - but that's the name of the high risk/high reward game.

Keep this one on the watch list until we hear news one way or the other.

Disclosure:  Long CTSO.

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