Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Briefs: MCLN: Still Running?; BIEL: Does West Africa Matter?

MCLN: MedClean Technologies experienced another day of higher trading on Monday as shares inched up to thirty percent higher - once again. There was still no news released in conjunction with the run, which looked at times to be sputtering along before closing the day higher by percentage points in the mid twenties.

The run from just above .002 was quick, rapid and exciting, and although there's quite a bit of long term potential left for MCLN as a green technology pick, I couldn't help but take quite a bit of shares off the table, as this run is looking too similar to MCET's (which has since retreated in price) for my comfort.

There may be news pending, and I'll be back with any significant retracement in price, but that .007 and above mark was just too tempting.

Congrats to those that made out on this run, and MCLN is still one to keep on the radar.

News and earnings could easily keep this one going.

Disclosure: Long MCLN.BIEL: BioElectronics announced last week that the company is now making a push into the West African market with its RecoveryRX brand.

Lemmy's Global Markets, based in Nigeria, was named the distributor and the company's CEO - Lemmy Okonta - seems to have high hopes for the product as people in that region often look for natural-based treatments over tablet medications.

The press release also highlighted the 300 million inhabitants of the region.

I'm just going to pretend that I never saw that press release. International growth and distribution is always good, but how many of those 300 million people in the West African region can afford or will entertain the RecoveryRX?

With the poverty over there, that number is highly misleading.

This PR is a non-factor, as the area in mention is far too unpredictable and/or unstable to count on for significant numbers.

Disclosure: Long BIEL.

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