Monday, February 28, 2011

Epicept's Fourth Quarter Results, Showing the Potential?

Epicept Corporation announced fourth quarter and full year 2010 results last week, but the report read more as a "Hey, how you doin'?" update than anything else.

Nothing significant came from the report, other than the confirmation that the company has enough cash to last through the third quarter of this year, meaning we could see another dilutive cash-raising event at some point during the middle quarters of 2011, barring the company signs a partnership for NP-1 that brings in an up-front cash infusion.

It has been reported that Epicept is looking to partner NP-1 before commencing Phase III trials for the product.

The only other option for quick cash would be a Myrexis milestone payment for first enrollment in a Phase III trial, although that's not going to happen this year.

Ceplene sales were dismal, although marketing partner Meda is on the job attempting to push into various European markets.  The company did note in the quarterly report that 2012 is when sales of Ceplene will be significant enough to garner attention, but we should still see some modest increases through the year.

All in all, EPCT is still a nice mid to long term pick, in my opinion, just keep in mind that dilution will be factor this year when devising an entry or add strategy.

Disclosure: Long EPCT.

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