Monday, March 14, 2011

APRI: Comments About "Amateur Analysts" by an Amateur Analyst

From VFC's News, Notes & Weekly Stock Watch at VFC's NEW Stock House.

APRI: Start off with some humor, and irony. An email complaining about "amateur analysts" on Seeking Alpha gets sent to an amateur analyst at's biotech blog for credence, and then the amateur analyst in receipt of the email validates it by responding.

Now that's good humor.

In his response, the biotech blogger states that, "None of the rosy predictions made by these promoters about Apricus and its drugs will turn out to be true."

Same thing that the same guy said about Dendreon when that stock was at three bucks.

Must be nice to predict the future, though, I fell it's a more honorable thing to acknowledge that you're speaking opinions when discussing possible future events, rather than stating those opinions as fact. It's a shame that if this guy is so good at predicting the future, why hasn't he ever given his readers a good, positive stock story, rather than preaching doom and gloom all the time.

You think the readers would be ecstatic to be given a good place to start DD on a potentially great stock story - but then, informing his readers isn't his goal, is it?

It's to attract clicks for advertising money purposes, and to do that best, you've got to sell controversy.

As for Apricus and the potential of Vitaros, I think Silvio Berlusconi alone is going to keep the company in business. might want to buy the product and rub it all over its biotech blog as well, reading over there has been pretty limp for a while.

Disclosure: Long APRI

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