Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Briefs: BioDelivery Entering Opioid Addiction Market? Signs of Life From CELH, MHTX - Mention in the WSJ

BDSI:  BioDelivery Sciences announced on Wednesday that the 505(b)(2) pathway to a New Drug Application (NDA) for BEMA Buprenorphine/Naloxone in the treatment of opioid addiction has been confirmed with the FDA and the company intends to move forward towards a potential approval of the product.

The opioid addiction indication, valued to be a billion dollar market, is another notch in the BDSI pipeline of potential, and the 505 pathway to approval allows BioDelivery to expidite bringing products utilizing the already-proven BEMA drug delivery system to market.

Shares moved up about a dime on Tuesday, then dipped right back down on Wednesday when the news was announced.

Disclosure:  Long BDSI.


CELH:  As is usual for Celsius Holdings, there's signs of life emerging before an upcoming quarterly report.

Results didn't fly this week, as was expected by the Yahoo! Finance earnings alerts, but they're sure to be released at some point in March, and if the company approaches previous expectations, then a turnaround will be in order for this stock.

The company has significantly missed the mark for a few quarters running, so it's still a highly speculative bet that the fourth quarter will be a positive one, but the risk reward right now is the best it's been for a couple of years.

Financing will be a concern at some point this year, and if DeSantis doesn't pony up any more money, then there could be dilution in the works.

Solid earnings reports could offset that threat.

Last year the company overshot earnings, and with expectations tempered this year, they just might be undershooting the expectations.

Stay tuned.

Disclosure:  Long CELH.

MHTX: Shares of Manhattan Scientifics have been on the up and up lately, although modestly, and the reason behind the move could be related to a mention in the Wall Street Journal.

Manhattan is a company that purchases technologies and patents, and one of those licensed technologies is an early detection system for breast cancer.

It was that technology that received mention in the Wall Street Journal, and anytime a technology is mentioned in The Journal, it's a positive event - especially if that technology is in the hands of a relative unknown like Manhattan.

I still like this one as a nice longer term play because the patents and technology held by the company have real potential, but it's worth trading the spikes and pullbacks with MHTX otherwise the long term hold becomes boring.

Disclosure:  Long MHTX.

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