Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Briefs: CELH Earnings, CVM Letter to Shareholders

CELH:  Over the weekend it was announced at VFC's Stock House that Celsius was expected to report earnings on Monday, February 28th.  The date was innacurate, as crickets were heard from the company as Monday's trading day came and went without any earnings announcements.

I receive earnings alerts from Yahoo! Finance, and last week that service announced that Celsius Holdings would announce earnings on February 28th, which obviously was a false alert.

Appreciate the emails from those following the Celsius story.

Stay tuned for the real earnings announcement.

Disclosure:  Long CELH.

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CVM: Last week Cel-Sci Corp issued a 'Letter to Shareholders', seemingly to provide investors with an update on the recent progress of the company - and also to provide a response to rumors that may be swirling through the Internet.

There's no doubt that Multikine has the potential to become an instant blockbuster if it were to be proven successful in the Phase III trial that commenced last year, and them make it to full commercialization, and the letter released last week makes full note of that point.

Regarding the Internet rumors, and history of the company, I like to believe in the strategy of "speak softly and carry a big stick."

There's no reason for a lot of words when all it takes is performance to silence the critics.

All the PRs in the world announcing site approvals will not carry the weight of a PR announcing that a patient has been enrolled in the trial; and that is the issue right now.

Responding to the other nonsense on the Internet is fruitless, as chances are that the Cel-Sci CEO is taking time out of his day to respond to some twentysomething hedge fund junkie sitting in his Batman & Robin underoos in front of a computer screen staring at pictures of Natalie Portman's chest on his split screen.

There's no need to have to justify yourself or your company to the clowns in cyberspace, and by doing so, it takes attention away from what IS important - which right now is enrollment in the Multikine trial.

Let's get down to business at hand - how many patients are enrolled in the trial, and what measure did Cel-Sci use to flip the 'trial started' switch, if there are no patients enrolled?

Disclosure:  Long CVM.

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