Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CPST Creates a New Management Position

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CPST:  Shares of Capstone Turbine have been denied at two dollars, having traded over that mark only briefly last week, but volume has still been fairly heavy and the stock may have found a home in the $1.80 range, although it's yet to be seen how permanent that home is.

A recent Presidential mention brought a lot of new eyes to Capstone, but there has also been an increase in shares short over the past couple of months.

In recent news, the company announced the implementation of a new position that was created "to ensure the timely execution of the Company's critical cost reduction programs, reliability improvement initiatives and Department of Energy (DOE) programs," according to a Capstone press release.

The position will be filled by Robert C. Gleason, effective April 6th.

Although having trouble maintaining a share price of over $2, Capstone is still one to keep an eye on as a clean energy company gaining momentum at a time when the standard sources of energy are starting to raise concerns.

CPST is already a big winner for the year, and as the orders and reorders keep coming in - it could be the beginning of a new and positive phase for Capstone.

Disclosure:  Long CPST.

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