Thursday, March 31, 2011

CytoSorbents Announces Blockbuster News, CE Mark Approval in Europe

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  1. Hello Vinny!

    I have been in ctso since around oct of 2009. So I have a few questions for you.

    #1 Do you still think we will see significant dillution at some point? If so when? And in what form? I know the DARPA will help somewhat..

    #2 What do you think is a realsistic market cap for just the european side of things?

    #3 How long away would a possible FDA approval be? Would a fast track be possible?

    #4 Based on todays news and news that is going to follow shortly what are your revised price predictions..As far as short term? And possible FDA?

    #5 Do you think we have a real winner on our hands fundamentally speaking?


  2. Vinny do you see any real downside to just holding this stock? Are we pretty much past the bad things that could go wrong here?


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