Monday, March 28, 2011

Cytosorbents Rebound Puts Stock on the Short Term Radar

After dipping earlier in the week, shares of Cytosorbents rebounded as the trading week finished up as investors are becoming itchy for news regarding the Europen CytoSorb trial for severe sepsis.

The trial should be fully enrolled by now, or close to it, and if those results are positive, then it should be expected that CTSO is going to realize some pretty significant gains, being that there is no effective treatment for severe sepsis on the market.

There's been a lot of speculation about price targets and possible trial outcomes over the past few months, and it's quickly becoming crunch time for shareholders of Cytosorbents waiting for news.

The late week rebound was encouraging moving into the new trading week, but volume wasn't noticable enough to have me believing that this is the week that we see news, but previous enrollment numbers released by the company have us in line right now for news of full enrollment.

CTSO will end up being a huge winner if it all works out, but expect a complete collapse if the trial does not meet muster.

Disclosure:  Lont CTSO.

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