Monday, March 14, 2011

Dendreon Receives Expansion Approval

DNDN: Dendreon announced some positive news last week that offers some short term growth potential to the share price.

The FDA approved the expansion of the company's New Jersey plant to 48 Provenge-manufacturing stations from 12.

Previous company statements have estimated Provenge sales closing in on $200 million/quarter by the fourth quarter, and the expansion in the Jersey facility put Dendreon on the path to approach that number.

If the FDA approvals of Dendreon's manufacturing facilities in Georgia and Los Angeles move ahead as seemless as Jersey's, then it's a sure bet that DNDN is going to be running on all cylinders heading into 2012.

Any dips to, or below, the thirty dollar mark will be the big buy time, in my opinion.

Disclosure: No Position.

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  1. Hi Vinny,

    Regarding CTSO, how long do you think it can take before they announce, one way or the other, the results of the trials? could it be april, may?



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