Monday, March 7, 2011

HGSI: Benlysta Approval Decision Expected

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HGSI:  Human Genome has been on the biotech watch list for the month of March, with the FDA expected to rule on approval for Benlysta this week after having delayed the decision from the original December date.

Benlysta is HGSI's lupus drug that stands to make some noise on the market, if approved, since it's been over fifty years since the FDA has approved a new drug that treats the mysterious lupus.

A buy-in at the current prices could look a bit risky, as there is plenty of downside potential for the stock should the product not receive approval, but the general consensus has Benlysta with a better-than-average chance at approval, according to published opinions, and both the late and mid-stage pipelines hold considerable potential.

Another positive to note, if Benlysta is approved, Human Genome is ready to have the product on market by the end of this year.

Keep an eye on HGSI this week.
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  1. HGS has a HUGE stockpile of Benlysta, and the sales force is in place. They are ready to get the product in the hands of the people who need it immediately!


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