Thursday, March 3, 2011

Radient Gets Slammed, Questionable "Journalism" at Play?

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RPC:  Long shareholders of Radient Pharmaceuticals were without a doubt unhappy with on Tuesday, as that website's biotech blogger, Adam Feuerstein, produced another one of his infamous hatchet jobs on companies that he's got a beef with.

Radient was the target this time, but more important that who the target was, Mr. Feuerstein once again provided an exclamation point next to every reason why he's NOT a journalist, even though he'll tell you all day long that he is one.

I've said it a few times before, that journalism is about reporting the news, not speaking or writing about it with a biased twist - that's called OpEd.

In what might have been a valid 'other side' to the Radient story, Feuerstein discredited the entire piece and his supporting 'facts' by selling it more as a third grade note between two feuding females than as a journalistic work of stock and company analysis. 

Drama sells, especially in America, and that is why there's no chance you'll get a drama-free report from TheStreet's biotech blog.  The point is to get you to click on the story, and then rile you up enough to click again when you post a comment.  And that's not even taking into account the fact that you've got to click five different pages to read one story.

This guy would love to have you believe that he provides his audience with some nice "Ah-Hah!" moments on his blog, but more truthfully you'll find yourself saying, "HA-HA" at the fact that the biotech blogger considers himself a journalist.

There's more journalism in a Garfield comic strip than there is at  There's obvious bias at work, and to make the story even more comical, Feuerstein is like the horse getting led by the carrot.  He's doing a pretty good job at keeping up with and then posting a 'counter-opinion' on his own blog.

Investors should dissect the Radient story based on their own DD, and take with a grain of salt anything you read about any stock on a blog - especially one that puts bias, drama and emotion above an honest and down-to-earth reporting of the facts.

And you wonder why people looking for true reporting of news flock to the European news channels.

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