Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Readers Respond: Amarin's Slide

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An email from Erik sent to my Seeking Alpha page in regards to my latest Amarin post:
Like the Bio.

Don't post much, but AMRN looking pretty bad chart wise. Grabbed some today at 7.52. May cut the loss. Positive news could be priced in already. You can never tell with these. Plus, The Garza positive article on it makes me want to take the opposite view. We'll see. Nice piece nevertheless. Best of Luck.

VFC's Take:  Appreciate the email.  It's true that positive news might already be priced in, and with the current market conditions - unpredictable - there's no telling how low AMRN could dip while we wait for the final news on the ANCHOR trial.

It's also normal for shorts to jump in at the top of a biotech spike and then ride the price down when there's a lull in news, so that may also be a factor here.

The recent stock offering has Amarin sitting on a nice chunk of cash, however, so that's definitely a positive moving forward, and the prospect of a buyout at any time will keep investors interested for the time being, in my opinion.

Good luck with your buy, either way. 

Thanks again for the email.

Disclosure:  No position.

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