Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Readers Respond: A Guy Who Doesn't Like VFC's Material. He Told Me To Stop Writing, So I Will - NOT.

"Readers Respond" is a forum where VFC interacts with the readers of VFC's Stock House.  Readers can leave comments on posted material at either of the blog sites, through Seeking Alpha or via email,  All stock opinions, tips and questions are welcomed, whether agreeable with VFC's opinions or not.  Thanks for the comments, because without interaction - this wouldn't be fun.


An email to my Seeking Alpha account from pslice84 in response to a Wednesday publishing by VFC's Stock House:

As an expert on AMRN, I think your article offers no value. Stop just writing about stocks to get page views and put in some time to actually do research. Until then, I don't think any article that comes your way is really worth reading.

VFC's Take:  Before calling it a good old blogging day, I couldn't help but respond to this one.  I appreciate opinions, and I thank pslice for offering his (or hers).  I would have to say, however, that this email is about as worthless as this guy believes my publishings are.

 Like VFC is going to quit writing because some anonymous email says so?

 If you don't like my stuff, then don't read it.  It's hat simple.  You don't have to click.

"I don't think any article that comes your way is really worth reading."

OK, so you've got an opinion, too.  Do you want a cookie for that? 

Have a good one, all.  And keep it real.

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