Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Readers Respond: Multikine Phase III Announced, Where is Patient Enrollment?

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A comment from Karen posted to VFC's News, Notes & Weekly Stock Watch at VFC's NEW Stock House:

Why is it taking CVM so long to announce enrolling their first patient considering the test sites were already approved?

Chirp, Chirp.


VFC's Take:  A full quarter has come and gone since Cel-Sci first announced that the long-awaited Multikine Phase III trial was a go, and there's still been no release regarding the enrollment of the first patient.

Some news that has hit the wires relates to Director compensation and responses to Internet rumors.

The key milestone that investors need to see right now is an enrollment.  The longer the time grows between a trial start and first enrollment, the more investors are going to become anxious and the more fuel the nay-sayers who are spreading the Internet rumors, which the company responded to, are going to gather.

Why has there been no announcement about an enrolled patient? 

We can only speculate.

There's no question that Cel-Sci is a real company, as many have ascertained that it is not, and the Multikine production facility near Baltimore, Maryland is - in fact - there, been there myself.

The thing is, the risk/reward profile of this company is great.  Multikine could change the landscape of not only just head and neck cancer treatment, but for cancer immunotherapy treatments as a whole, being that the treatment does not have to made with a sample from each individual patient. 

It's "off the shelf," per say.

So if it works as advertised, then the rewards realized from this fifty cent stock are going to be phenomenal. 

That said, there's a long way to go from zero patients enrolled to over eight hundred, the number that the company is advertising as the patient size of the trial.

It's a waiting game.  And yes, investors need to see the pace of patient enrollment, because right now the number is zero.

Disclosure:  Long CVM.

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