Friday, March 25, 2011

Readers Respond: NRIFF on the Rebound?

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An email from Nate to my Seeking Alpha account

Hi Vinny,

Do you think that NRIFF is rebounding like I suspect?

Amateur as I am and left holding bag with nephd and neol, and ino after previous losses too and with kid with special needs I'm hurting.

Is there an up and comer on radar you care to mention?

really much obliged,


VFC's Take:  I don't think that Nuvo Research (NRIFF) is on the verge of a rebound just yet.  The company has been awfully quiet of late and nothing signifcant has emerged news-wise since I last wrote about this company in September.

I would expect that a reverse split is in the near term future, although it looks like the company many be holding out until an opportune time to conduct the RS.

With no news to support the price post-split, it should be expected that a significant drop in price would be in the works as soon as the split is conducted.

Still worth holding as a speculative long, in my opinion, as NRIFF is way below the radar right now, but it's still a highly speculative stock that should be bought only with 'night on the town' money.

On another note, I'm not quite sure what your situation is, but I would be careful about playing around with speculative penny plays and biotech stocks with money that you need. 

These stocks should only be played with recreational money, that's why I call it 'night on the town' money.  Use the money that you would use if you were going to party on the town in these speculative plays - if they pay off, then you get a bunch more nights on the town, but if you lose it, then you've just lost a few hangovers and added a couple of years on your liver.

Never count on speculative stocks to provide extra income, as the volatility that is inherent to these stocks could have you waiting a long time before realizing a profit, or they might never pay off.

Take care of business first and play later when you've got some extra.

Good luck and take care.

As for the up-and-comers, any stocks that I'm interested in I'll mention on the blogs.  VFC's Original Stock House or VFC's NEW Stock House.

Disclosure:  Long NRIFF.

Wiser Advisor

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