Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spike Watch: MedClean Technologies

Shares of MedClean (MCLN) followed the late day trading pattern of Celsius Holdings (CELH) on Monday, by spiking in both volume and price moving into the close.

The MCLN price spike was not quite as significant as the 50% spike in the CELH price, but a 30% gain on the day is a 30% gain, nonetheless.  With earnings due from MedClean in short time, speculation has it that a pre-earnings spike could be in place.

Monday's spike from MCLN comes not too long after an early-year runup that had already made this speculative penny play a money-maker for 2011, and after sinking back down to the buy levels, investors will again be looking to bank some significant profits.

Any surprises or significant increases in revenue from MedClean announced with the next earnings report could easily send shares north of the penny mark again, but even speculative runs like this one make for a nice trade and could put wifey in a new pair of Prada shoes in quick time.

The penny plays should only be used with 'night on the town' money, in my opinion, and it's just about a must to take some money off the table into any significant run - but that doesn't mean you can't leave enough 'just in case' shares on the table to enjoy a continued run. 

Remember, the price won't go higher just because you 'will' it higher, and being that the sub-penny plays are the riskiest and most unpredictable stocks out there, you've got to play it smart.

But enjoy the rides while they last.

Disclosure:  Long MCLN.

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