Monday, May 16, 2011

Briefs: CVM Commences Trial In Poland, SIGA Receives Contract Award and Then A Quick Protest, MedClean Partners With Covidien?

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CVM:  Cel-Sci issued a PR on Friday announcing that the Phase III Multikine trial has commenced in Poland, the first site in the European Union to open.  The trial also arrived in the New York Tri-State area last week, and it's expected that close to 900 patients from around the globe will ultimately be enrolled.

SIGA:  Siga announced this past Friday that it had (again) been awarded the much anticipated contract with BARDA to stock the national reserves with a small pox vaccine.  The initial phase of the contract is worth nearly half a billion dollars to Siga, with the potential for the contract to be worth $2.8 billion over its life.

Just as quickly as the contract was announced, however, the ever-menacing Chimerix filed a protest which will delay proceedings until the proper authorities have the time to review the case.

This game has been played before, and BARDA went back to the drawing board to ensure fairness in the award, so it's highly likely that the situation will still play out in Siga's favor.

SIGA shares were up by nearly two bucks in the after-hours on Friday, but the re-invigorated uncertainty surrounding the award thanks to Chimerix may create some volatility.

MCLN:  MedClean announced last week that it had established a relationship with Covidien to promote its products.

"This relationship is our largest co-promotion arrangement to date, broadening the exposure of our products and connecting MedClean with nearly every hospital in the country," commented David Laky, MedClean's President and CEO in a press release issued Friday morning.

Increased promotion could evolve into increased sales numbers, which still makes MCLN an appetizing long term, speculative pick, but for the time being, the best option may be to continue viewing MedClean as a 'trading play'.

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